Welcome to Chhota Baby – A pregnancy and baby care blog. Our blog name Chhota Baby is a combination of Hindi word ‘chhota’ meaning small and English word baby. At Chhota Baby, our aim is to provide necessary as well as reliable information on pregnancy and baby care. We would like to reach and help as many women as possible in their journey of motherhood. As every child is special, they have the right to get pampered and protected. And for this to happen, we need every parents to be educated enough to protect their little one.

Here we have covered topics related to baby care and handling your baby during the initial crucial months in detail. You will also find informative articles related to pregnancy care, pre and post delivery problems and their management. Along with this, we have also come up with a separate section dedicated to product review and recommendations. Products recommended in this sections are selected after detailed review and analysis of the products and their alternatives available in the market. The product review section will help you buy the best product for your baby without wasting lot of time searching for the right product. This will enable you to spend more time with your baby, making the bond between you and your baby stronger.

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About the Author

Hello friends! I am Dr. Varsha Sinha, an occupational therapist by profession and a baby care blogger by passion.

I am a mother of three years old boy and therefore I understand a mother's mind. A mother's mind is on a never ending pursuit of knowledge, information and advice related to baby care and their development. Throughout, in my journey of motherhood I have collected useful information from various reliable sources. Above all, being an occupational therapist I have good understanding about baby's development in all dimension. Combining these two along with my own personal experience, I have achieved high level of expertise in baby care. To share my knowledge and experience with all the new mothers, I have started this blog. My friends and family members who shared their motherhood experience with me are my source of inspiration.