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Avent Feeding bottle
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Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle (125ml)

If you are a new parent and do not know which bottle to choose for your baby then you should definitely consider Philips Avent Natural. It is made of polypropylene, which is free of potentially harmful BPA. This bottle consists for four parts in total which makes it easy to clean. It has wide nipple which helps you combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The nipple has advanced anti-colic system (consists of twin anti-colic valves) which makes feeding more comfortable for babies. During feeding, the valves release air back into the bottle and not into your baby’s stomach. This reduces the chances of colic and discomfort to baby. This is slightly more expensive than other feeding bottles in the market but its superior quality makes it worth the extra penny.

Quick Tips: Buying an anti-colic bottle is always good. But parents should always remove the bottle from baby when there is still some milk left in the bottle. This further prevent the chances of air going into your baby’s stomach and causing colic and discomfort.

Before introducing formula milk for baby, one should always remember that breast milk is the most nutritional for new born and a baby should be on exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months. But in case breastfeeding is not possible or your baby is still hungry after you breastfeed her then in these situations formula milk is the only alternative. 

With so many formula milk available in market its becomes difficult for parent to choose the best for their baby. Nestle NAN Pro 1 is highly recommended by the doctors for babies who are exclusively formula fed. NAN Pro 1 has pro biotic bacterial culture of bacteria found in the gut of breast fed babies. For this reason, babies who are exclusively formula fed will have greater benefit from NAN Pro 1. It also contains all the essential nutritional elements that a baby requires for their growth and development. The price of NAN Pro 1 is high almost double to that of Lactogen 1 but it has better effects. In case baby is already on breast milk and you want to switch between formula and breast milk then Lactogen 1 is also a good option as breast feeding baby is already getting all the required nutrients from breast milk. Lactogen 1 a plain formula milk can be an alternative for babies who are breast fed. It is also cost effective, available at almost half the price of NAN Pro 1. But I suggest NAN Pro 1 for babies who are not getting breast milk.

Tips: While placing the product in a air tight container you should always keep it with the inner cover.

NAN Pro 1/Lactogen 1 is good for 0-6 months old babies.

NAN Pro 2/Lactogen 2 is good for babies above 6 months.

NAN Pro 3/Lactogen 3 is good for babies above 12 months.

NAN Pro 4/Lactogen 4 is good for babies above 18 months.

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