Bathing Newborn Baby: A Parent’s Guide

The thought of Bathing Newborn Baby can make you a little nervous. Its very normal if you are a first time mother. But you don’t need to worry anymore as you are at the right place to learn all about bathing newborn baby. In this article we will go through the process of bathing newborn baby in many small steps.

Sponge Bath 

In the first week of ‘Bathing Newborn Baby’, it is best advised to give sponge bath using warm wash clothes. Wash the baby’s face, hand, underarms, genitals properly. Wash her face and hand frequently and you must clean their genitals after each diaper change. Use cotton balls to clean debris at corner of the eyes. Till this period the umbilical cord stump dries up and fall. Never forget to apply ointment over the umbilical cord stumps for 3-4 times a day.

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Six Points to keep in mind while bathing your new born :

1) Never leave the bathroom until bathing is done. In case you require something wrap your baby in a towel and take her with you while leaving the bathroom.

2) Don’t distract yourself by mobile while bathing. Babies can slip underwater without making a noise.

3) Keep everything required in the place where you are going to bath your baby and at last take your baby to the bathing area.

4) Check the water temperature in the bathing tub.

5) Switch off the water heater/geyser once you have filled the water in the tub.

6) Don’t pour extra water directly from the tap without checking temperature while baby is still bathing in the tub.

Tub Bath in six steps :

1) Small plastic tub which is appropriate for your baby size should be used. It should be filled with warm but not hot water. Babies find warm water soothing , it gives them nice sleep.

Note: Some babies cries excessively during bath so its fine to give 3-4 baths during a week. But cleanliness is the main concern, clean your baby’s body part everyday.

2) The plastic tub should not be filled with excessive water. The water level should not be more than 2 inches.

3) Make sure, if you are planning to bath your baby in bathroom then the water heater should be switched off. Also remember not to put excess water directly from tap without checking its temperature.

4) Fill warm water in the tub and check its temperature by putting your wrist in water.

5) Keep everything like mild soap or body cleanser, a wash cloth, a plastic cup to pour water over body, towel etc near you i.e; at one hand distance.

6) Position the bath tub somewhere stable and at a height, where you can comfortably hold your baby. A kitchen table is often best.

How to keep baby safe during bathing :

Baby bathing should not need a lot of time. Five minutes bath is enough for your tiny tittle baby. But in these five minutes you should be fully focused and concentrated on your baby only. Don’t let anything to distract you when you are bathing your baby.

Bathing a newborn is  little scary at first. Handling a wiggling, wet and soapy little one needs confidence and practice. So you must stay calm and maintain a good grip. Your full concentration should be over your baby, never ever leave your baby unattended for a while during bathing.

Bathing Process :

1) Once you have arranged the bathing area, bring your baby to that place and undress her.

2) Gradually slip the baby under the tub so that the lower half of the body should be inside the water and submerge the back of head at the same time. During the whole process hold your baby firmly. Cradle her head and neck properly from one hand and pour water over her body from a small cup. Gently wash away any debris or loose skin that’s accumulated. Pay attention to

  • Genital and nappy area
  • The hands and feet. Check between fingers and toes.
  • The folds at the back of knees, neck and groins.
  • The face. If debris is accumulated around the eyes use cotton balls to swab it away.
  •  Check behind the ears.

3) Use little amount of mild soap and use it sparingly and again pour water and clean the body.

4) Gently splash some water on the head, if needed apply mild shampoo and again splash water gently on the head. You can use washcloth to clean the shampoo and then pour water over it.

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Drying and dressing after bath 

1) Lift your baby out of the bath supporting her head and neck. Wrap her around dry, clean soft towel and pat dry.

2)  Bring her to a closed warm room. If skin is dry or he/she has nappy rash apply mild lotion.

3) Dress your baby, putting her nappy first.

Precautions :

1) Bathing a newborn really needs practice and confidence. So relax and take your time, start by bathing your baby when someone experience is around you or someone can help you.

2) Never bath your baby when you are in hurry.

3) Never bath your baby when he/she is hungry or his/her stomach is full i.e; just after a meal. In the mean time you can bath your baby. 

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