Hospital Bag Checklist for Delivery

Are You ready for the very big day? Your baby might surprise you and can come before the expected date. So you must be prepared and pack your hospital bag during the 9th month of pregnancy or before 36 weeks. Here is the full checklist provided for hospital visit pre and post delivery for mom and of course the cute little baby coming in your life.

Hospital may have some policies about the things you can use in hospital, so you must discuss it with them in advance. What facilities they are providing and then you pack your bag accordingly.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Moms during Labor

1) Hospital files, photo id proof, Insurance Paper (if you have) and their copies.

2) Stem cell preservation kit if you are going to preserve your baby’s stem cells. It is very important to have the kit inside labor room.

3) Dressing Gown: Soft & comfortable pairs of dressing gown to be used during labor and for staying in hospital after delivery.

4) Slippers: Comfortable pair of slippers to walk around the ward.

5) Comfortable pillow: Hospitals will provide you with pillows but if you have your favourite pillow or pregnancy pillow then you can take it with you.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom post delivery 

1) Night dress or Gown: Soft front opening night dress can be very comfortable for you and your baby for breast feeding.

2) Heavy duty maternity pads: You need to change your pads every two hours initially so better to use maternity pads which is more absorbent than normal pads.

3) Underwear: Pack several pairs of comfortable underwear and it should be large enough for maternity pads.

4) Nursing Bras: Buy few nursing bras if you are going to breastfeed your baby.

5) Toiletries and skin care: Brush, tongue cleaner, face wash, towels, shampoo, moisturizer, lip balm and hair ties.

6) Clothes: Apart from your nightdress, keep 2 set of comfortable clothes to be used during hospital stay and a going home outfit.

7) Camera, Mobile and Chargers: Just to take first few photos of your new born and to stay in touch with your loved ones’.

8) Breast Pads: To prevent yourself from wetting when excess milk secretes from your breast, breast pads are very helpful.

Hospital Bags Checklist For the Newborn Baby 

1) Dresses: Comfortable and cotton dresses for you newborn is a must to keep; but you must be aware of hospital policies about what your baby has to wear and will they be providing it? You can discuss these things prior.

2)Socks And Booties: If it is winter then socks, booties and winter caps are must for the baby, as the baby can get cold very easily and you need to keep the baby warm.

3) Blankets: Hospitals will be providing blankets but it would be advised to keep you own blanket to keep the baby warm.

4) Diapers: Keep new born baby diapers. Your new born might need 10-12 diapers each day, so better to stock it before.

5) Wipes: For the sensitive skin of the newborn fresh clean wipes is best to use or you can use cotton balls and water.

6) Muslin Clothes: To drape the baby and to place on your lap or over your shoulder a soft keeping muslin clothes underneath the baby is essential to prevent dribbles from getting on your clothes.

7) Going home outfit: This should be according to the weather condition, a baby suit, booties and hat during summer and in winter month woolen clothes, boots, socks, mittens are important.

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    I am a 8 months pregnant and was looking for such an information for packing up my hospital bag.
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