Infants Gas Problem: Cause and Remedies

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Gas problem in infants are very common. They commonly pass gas 14-20 times a day. In the below sections, we will look at the cause of gas problem in infants and its remedies.

Cause of Gas in Babies

 Gas problem in infants occurs when they shallow air during below activities:

  1. While breast feeding or bottle feeding
  2. When they cries excessively
  3. While sucking a pacifier
Swallowing of air cause gas bubbles to get trapped in their tiny belly and this trapped gas bubbles cause discomfort to the little one. The discomfort shows in the form of burping, fussiness, bloating, excessive crying, farts and hard tummy.
If the baby is happy otherwise and cries a little or turns red while passing gas then there is nothing to worry. But in case they are seriously in pain and feeling uncomfortable for a longer period of time and cries excessively then it is a matter of concern. Ask your doctor to recommend some gas drops (medicine) for your infant. Meanwhile you need to know how you can prevent your babies from discomfort using some tried and tested techniques. It really works and help the baby easing the discomfort.


1) Checkout the feeding position: When you are nursing or bottle feeding your baby, try to keep the baby head higher than her stomach, so that the air comes up and burp out. You can also use a nursing pillow while breast feeding. If the baby is on formula milk then try using “Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle“. It is an anti-colic baby feeding bottle. You can read detailed review of Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle” on our “Feeding Products Review” Page.

2) Burp your baby: Whenever you breast feed your baby, then just after feeding keep your baby on your shoulder and gently press or caress the baby back from up to down for 10-15 times. This way the baby will automatically burp. Repeat this process every time after feeding your baby.

3) Change your bottle: If you are bottle feeding your baby and the nipple flow is fast, then there are chances of more air bubble getting trapped. Use a bottle which is scientifically designed. These bottles are bit costly but they provide a great relief to your little one. Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle” is recommended by most parents who have used it for their babies.

4) Massage: Gently massage your baby, pump her legs back and forth while she is on her back. Also give your baby some tummy time, that is put the baby on her stomach for sometime (always watch your baby when she is on her tummy).

5) Warm Bath: Bathing baby from lukewarm water also works. It helps to get rid of extra gas.

6) Change the formula milk: If the baby is on formula milk then you can change the brand. Some brands claim to be helpful for gassy babies. Talk to your doctor about switching the brand and ask for their recommendations.

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    Poor babies:( they can’t just say what pains them. Very good article, thank you.

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